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Can e-Learning Work For You and Your Employees?


Learning and staff training is undergoing a revolution. e-learning-blogAs much of our daily lives move into the digital arena, education and staff training is making a similar transition but, is it effective?

The short answer to this question is yes. If e-learning courses are designed and used correctly then they can offer many advantages over traditional classroom learning. People learn in a variety of ways. Research Shows that people have a preference for one of three learning styles or “learning modalities” namely: Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic.

A visual learner, as the name suggests learns by absorbing visual information. A well designed e-learning course will contain rich and engaging visual content designed to communicate the concepts clearly and to keep the viewers attention.

An auditory learner on the other hand is most comfortable listening to information that is spoken or read aloud. A professionally made e-learning course will have a well written and captivating script read by a professional voice over artist

Kinesthetic learners find that “learning by doing” is the most effective method. All of Olive Group’s online training courses are designed to be interactive. They contain periodic “knowledge checks” that allow learners to answers questions as they progress through the course. This helps to keep the learner involved and engaged in the learning process.

In fact research has demonstrated that interactive e-learning courses can be a highly effective way of studying and can lead to higher retention rates of the essential information

In addition to this, e-learning has many more obvious advantages. These include cost and time savings: Staff spending less time out of the office naturally means significant cost savings. It reduces employee downtime and even travel expenses. It enables employees to progress at their own pace and focus on particular areas of interest.

E-learning is also more flexible, it provides an opportunity to learn what is needed, when it is needed, through the information and communication technology that is already part of most people’s working lives.

Employers are often attracted to e-learning for the increased control and feedback provided by a professionally designed learning management system. Olive Group’s Academy HQ for instance allows an administrator to assign both individual and groups to courses, view past and present enrollments, time spent on each course, scores and each student’s progression.

At a glance it is possible to see how many people have taken courses, individual or group progress, who’s passed and who might need to retake a module. Olive Group’s Academy HQ specifically, is easy to use, intuitive and user friendly.

by Adarsk K 10/02/2014 See all posts
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