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1.E-learning is boring (yawn), why am I even reading this FAQ?

We agree, much of the eLearning content these days is like a boring online powerpoint presentation. However, at Olive Learning we are passionate about bringing learning to life by including motion graphics, voice overs and exciting footage that will leave a lasting effect on our clients and get them excited about their business.

2.Are you any good at what you do?

Well we think so! We have a wide range of clients in industries that include Construction, Retail, Hospitality, Manufacturing and IT. Our combined experience in Health & Safety and Digital Media means we are able to produce relevant, effective content that can be delivered on multiple platforms. Take a look at the awards we have received for our work.

3.If the digital course is shorter than the classroom course, we must be skipping bits. Surely classroom is better then?

No, the reason stems from the theory of “learner compression” which means a learners time is reduced by taking the course online. But how is this? Basically there are a number of reasons why a course takes so much longer in a classroom: other learners asking questions not relevant to the individual needs of the learner, less social interaction time, less time to start and conclude a lesson and less travelling time. Digital courses relay all of the information that a classroom course does, except without all of the interruptions.

4.What about the practical assessments?

We provide practical assessments either on your premises or at our HQ in Dublin for all participants. Once the theory course has been taken online, we can take you through the practical element of your learning.

5.What is “blended learning”?

Blended learning combines the advantages of classroom training, group interaction, training groups and the “human touch”, with the advantages of digital training, time and money savings, self paced learning and the delivery of a consistent message.


6.How many ready to go courses have you got?

We have over 100 Health and Safety (Manual Handling, First Aid, Food Safety, Asbestos Awareness, Forklift etc.) and Soft Skills (Dignity in the Workplace, Selling Skills, Communication Skills, Dress for Success etc.) courses ready to go for your business. These courses have been developed in line with all relevant legislation and are easily accessible to anybody at any time.

7.Are your courses accredited by anyone?

If the course can be accredited, then it is accredited. To provide the best learning experience, we ensure that all of our courses are to a standard that comply with government regulations. Our accreditations include RoSPA, UKATA, Solus and more.

8.How long does it typically take to create a bespoke course?

Usually it takes us in the region of 4-6 weeks to complete a high quality comprehensive bespoke course for our clients but we’ve done it sooner. That compares with a lead time of 3-4 months for many of the older players.

9.We’re a multinational, what about languages and filming around the world?

We have travelled far and wide to be with our clients and cater for their multilingual needs!

We have courses in most languages and if we don’t we will do our utmost to create the course in the language(s) that suits your needs.

10.We do not have any budget for E-learning, answer that!?

If you have a budget for training you have a budget for E-Learning. How? Because E-Learning is much more cost effective than the traditional method. We developed 10 courses on behalf of an engineering firm which resulted in a 49% net saving for the company in comparison to their previous classroom method.

11.Can your system integrate with our HR, finance or other software?

Yes. We work with our clients in any way we can to make their systems and processes as simple and accessible as we can. Based on your needs we can help with integrating any software you are currently using with your Academy.

12.How secure is the content?

With 128-bit SSL encryption, AcademyHQ gives you all the online security that you need. Your payment details are secured by our payment service provider, and we do not keep a copy of them on our servers. You can feel at ease knowing that your account details are securely stored within our system. We perform daily backups of our database for added protection.

13.What is an LMS?

An LMS is a digital platform that allows training courses to be taken online. Here at Olive Media we have developed the world’s most user-friendly LMS. Trusted by many of the biggest brands in the world. AcademyHQ provides all of the metrics including reports on learner progress, tracking functions and the ability to host any existing company courses.

14.What is SCORM?

SCORM stands for Shareable Content Object Reference Model) and our Academy supports its latest version. Basically SCORM tells programmers how to write their code so that it works well with e-learning software. Having SCORM means that if we produce eLearning content for your LMS or if you have eLearning content that you want on an LMS we provide for you, we can integrate it seamlessly and simply.

15.What is tin can?

Tin Can is a new standard of SCORM software that tracks the learning experience, creating statements of learning and providing an audit log like system that is fully transparent. More simply, Tin Can makes it possible to collect data on the experiences people have online. Therefore we can adjust our courses/LMS etc. and provide support to ensure people receive the best possible experience.

16.What is an API?

An API is a set of programming instructions and standards for a web based programme. These instructions are released by the software company so that software developers can design products that are powered by their service. For example if we were creating a course and it needed to be accessed via your LMS, we would use the API already written for your LMS in the application.

17.Can you host our company courses on your LMS?

Yes! Our AcademyHQ LMS can host any of your existing courses so you can keep all your company elearning in one place. You can also track the progress of your team’s learning/training.

18.Do you provide support and maintenance?

Yes we do. We have a full support team on standby 24/7 to assist with any queries or issues that may arise.

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