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Induction & Onboarding



You’ll want to create a good first impression for your new employee on their first day. Our induction and onboarding programmes can start even before then, with courses available to take at home before they begin.

Read the Mercury Case Study


"The Mercury Engineering Induction course developed by Olive Learning was delivered on time and within budget. The customer service and involvement we received throughout the process has been excellent."

- Alan Gorman, Mercury Engineering
Academy LMS app with custom branding for Mercury Engineering

Compliance & Safety


We can help you deliver courses that are engaging, informative, and test the learners’ knowledge and understanding. Designed in line with the latest government guidelines, these courses can be rolled out to many people and in a short period of time.


Read the Tesco Case Study

professional photo of John Hogan from Tesco

"We are very pleased with the quality of the eLearning course developed by Olive Learning and have implemented it on our latest developments."

- John Hogan, Tesco
Tesco login screen on Academy LMS

Customer Service


Olive Learning can help you and your teams develop best practice in customer service. Through a combination of storytelling, knowledge tests, and scenario based learning, you can help improve sales, brand loyalty, and customer satisfaction.

See the Coffee Club Story >


"Customer service is one of our core values so to achieve consistency in training is critical. Olive came out to our stores and spent quite some time with our experts discussing how training would look and feel. We've had tremendous feedback from staff how the new visual learning is so much more effective than reading out of a manual like they did previously.”

- Ross Caldwell, Learning and Development Manager, The Coffee Club

Sales & Product Knowledge


Whether the challenge is introducing a new product to the market or a new member into the sales team Olive Learning can help. Our solutions help clients improve sales via 3-D interactions, gamification and scenario based learning.

See Noodle Box example>>


"Training is important to Noodle Box because it drives consistency across our business and superior guest service. The training we worked on with Olive has a high video component, was filmed in our restaurants with our team and so was very relevant to us."

- Leanne Morrison, National Training Manager, Noodle Box
Screenshot of Noodle Box's

Technical Training


Using paper manuals or sending your most knowledgeable team members around the world is costly and inefficient. Why not try using engaging content that the learner can look to again and again. Revolutionise your training and boost retention rates through gaming platforms and informative video.


See Tokheim’s Technical Training>>

professional photo of Bill Arundel from Tokheim

“The online academy that Olive Learning has established for us has had a significant impact on training costs across our global network. We now see the tangible benefit delivered by using video to empower the learning process, this has really helped Tokheim improve our wider service offer and in how we present it.”

- Bill Arundel, Tokheim
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petrol bespoke video
Technical Training In Action
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