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Mercury were looking
for a training solution
for over 1,200 people

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The Client & The Challenge

Mercury Engineering is a multinational key player in the construction industry, with a huge turnover of staff for each project that is contracted to them.

Beginning work on an Intel project, Mercury were looking for a innovative training solution for over 1,200 employees that was fast, efficient, cost effective and that complied with the mandatory legislation required to work on site.

The Solution

Olive Media’s generic off the shelf training courses provided Mercury Engineering with the ability to assign the relevant accredited training courses to their employees in a fast and efficient way. At interview stage all potential Mercury recruits were informed that they must complete their H&S training courses prior to working on site. All new recruits were provided with login credentials to the Learning Management System and could begin training straight away. Mercury were able to track the progress of their new employees and sign them off to begin work once they had completed their training.

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The Outcome

Bringing Mercury Engineering’s training to an online platform meant the company were able to make a 90% saving on downtime and 89% on cost savings. As all training courses are hosted on our online learning management system, users were able to take the courses at any time of the day. As a result of this new training programme, all of Mercury Engineering’s new recruits were trained and ready for work prior to arriving on site with a clear understanding of Mercury Engineering’s high standards for health and safety.

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