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Challenges around educating
the 340+ team members
on selecting the correct
ingredients were evident

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The Client & The Challenge

Noodle Box is an Australian stir fried noodle quick service restaurant chain. Established in 1996, Noodle Box is Australia’s largest franchised noodle restaurant chain with a network of over 70 restaurants across the country.
With a comprehensive menu of over 20 meal options, and quick service as a key customer expectation, challenges around educating the 340+ team members on selecting the correct meal ingredients in a prompt fashion were evident. With 52 different ingredients and an average of 9 ingredients per dish, this had been a daunting task to a new team member, but crucial to their role. Having a trainer travelling constantly was not only inefficient but did not deliver consistent results. The overall challenge was to deliver a standardised national training that could be measured.

The Solution

Noodle Box commissioned Olive Media to come up with a solution. Olive Media decided a gamified suite of online training materials would be the best way to engage their staff. Calling upon the principles of gamification, Build-a-Box assists team members in learning how to correctly and efficiently select the right combinations of fresh ingredients, sauces, implements and cooking times. The user is presented firstly with a set of instructions then the first order to compile.

Users must select the correct utensil (out of 6 in total) and then individual food ingredients to ‘build a box’ successfully. Functions include: ‘submit’, ‘cancel’ ‘undo’, ‘skip’, ‘help’ and ‘retry’. The user is rewarded along the way at predetermined levels (ie 5, 10, 15, 20 orders successfully completed) with pieces of Noodle Man. On completion Noodle Man bows acknowledging the achievement of 20 correct meal orders. The user is then acknowledged as a Menu Master.

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noodle box's elarning platform

The Outcome

For Noodle Box, the Build-a-Box initiative represents an important development in training and educating team members, as well as franchise partners. The new system, which is described as the gamification of learning, transformed the complex task of learning 52 ingredients that go into more than 20 items of the Noodle Box menu into a fun activity that now has over 500 staff members actively competing against each over to be the best Noodle Box chef.

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