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Tokheim were looking
for a way to train staff
without the expense
of sending them away

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The Client & The Challenge

After the success of the promotional videos, Tokheim came back to us with a new challenge. Previously, Tokheim were flying out employees worldwide to train their 2,000 van drivers on road safety. But this wasn’t cost or time effective, and it negatively affected retention rates. They needed brand new eLearning videos to train their employees in a more effective way.



The Solution

We created a Road Safety course that was engaging and challenging, with knowledge assessments to ensure the employees were learning. The course was taught through the Academy Learning Management System, allowing employees to take the course from anywhere in the world, only needing an internet-accessible device.  This ended the need for teachers to fly out to different countries. The course was even then translated into several languages, for all of Tokheim’s employees around the world.

bespoke elearning content produced for Tokheim by Olive Learning
Tokheim elearning road safety course on desktop

The Outcome

The feedback on the course and its effectiveness was overwhelmingly positive. The distribution of the course made training more time and cost effective, while the challenging engagement of the course drastically improved the retention rate.



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