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Brendan Kavanagh

Chief Executive Officer

Olive Group was founded and is led by Chief Executive Officer, Brendan Kavanagh. He started out in the oil and gas sector working with international giants such as Schlumberger. As an ambitious 24 year-old he was involved in his first management buy out and went on to grown a number of successful companies in the oil and gas sector and retail IT sectors in the 1990’s and 2000’s. During his time managing and training people in these hazardous work environments he felt there was a better way to ensure the organisation was safe and that staff were engaged.

In 2007 he launched Olive Group, initially with a focus on safety, compliance and induction. As the business has expanded, he has introduced new interactive platforms to a wider audience and a unique way of learning via engaging video content. He is passionate about questioning, improving and empowering our client’s businesses around the world. When he’s got a moments rest Brendan loves to do hill walking and relax anywhere that’s near the open water.

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