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RAI and Olive Learning partner to launch digital training packages for RAI members

The Restaurant Association of Ireland and Olive Learning have partnered to launch a new online training platform, available for purchase by all association members. Typically a digital training platform saves over 50% in direct training costs and 80% in time spent learning, in comparison to other methods of training, such as classroom-based.

RAI’s training platform consists of courses targeting primary restaurant training areas: Fire Safety, HACCP, Manual Handling and a Restaurant Induction (which includes content on Health and Safety at Work, HR Procedures and Kitchen/Floor Service). Many other courses are also available to purchase separately, such as Barista Training etc. Much of the content is professionally accredited and, alongside advanced technology, delivers cost-effective consistent training. Courses mix high-quality video, custom motion graphics, and gamification to ensure that learners are constantly engaged, leading to higher retention rates when compared to conventional training. With digital training, learning suits the needs of the user. All courses can be taken in one go, or completed over time, with content available 24/7. In addition, material works on mobile devices so learners don’t need access to laptops or PCs, they can simply use their tablet or smartphone.

With a digital platform an organisation maintains complete visibility over member’s training. The courses are hosted through the RAI training academy, an Olive Learning created website and app. The ‘Academy’ is user-friendly, hosting not just courses but also training records and certificates, acting as an online CV for users. After completing a course, each employee will receive a certificate of completion, or a QR code if an organisation chooses to use mobile verification. Continuous reporting by the ‘Academy’ means that performance can be easily monitored by administrators in each organisation.

A digital training platform is proven to help significantly reduce administrative and training costs throughout an organisation. The unique content of the RAI courses will keep all staff constantly engaged, helping to generate a better skilled workforce, while complying with the training standards requested in the hospitality industry.

Full information on the course can be found online https://olivelearning.com/rai-online-training-package/

by Adarsk K 18/01/2016 See all posts
RAI online training platform
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